Thursday, July 23, 2015


Hey fam! I'm currently (still) in Florence and loving everything about this city besides the weather. Its melting!! This past week I made a few purchases at a Kiko makeup store here. Kiko, if you haven't already heard of it, is an Italian makeup brand with a wide selection of products at very low prices. This was my first time purchasing any of their products, so I decided to share what I thought of them.

Color Correction powder: 
This is a sheer priming powder meant to balance out your skin tone and hide purple under eye circles, red patches, etc, by using colors that counteract (green counteracts red, yellow hides purple and so on). I'm a very cool-toned person prone to pink/red areas on my face, and this has been a lovely fix and leaves my skin looking more even after foundation. Kiko also carries a concealer wheel with the same shades if you're looking for something with more coverage than a powder.

Soft Focus Compact:
A powder foundation, not to be confused with a regular powder. It is supposed to have more coverage and is intended to be used on its own, not as a setting powder for liquid foundation. For some reason I felt like the store sample was creamier and had better coverage, but mine works fine, just very sheer. It works as a very natural every day foundation, but I'm not in love.

Glamorous Eye Pencil:
I bought two of these in different shades. They were on sale which made them so cheap ($2.75 each), and are shockingly similar in quality to the Laura Mercier caviar stick eye color ($28). So silky, pigmented, and easy to apply, and can be used as a multipurpose liner and and eyeshadow. Would definitely recommend this product!!!

Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush:
This cream blush stick comes in several shades for both blush and highlighter. It is soft, smooth, of course creamy, and super blend-able, so its hard to mess up and easy to master. This is an amazing dupe for the widely praised NARS multiple ($39), a multipurpose stick for lips, cheeks, eyes, and body. This blush stick is very comparable in quality and can be used for all the same purposes as the NARS multiple, but Kiko's version is around $8.

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