Sunday, May 31, 2015


I've always unintentionally dressed myself according to certain fashion "rules" I'd heard or read or maybe even just made up. Don't wear black and brown or black and blue, no socks and sandals, stick to a color scheme, and just don't get too crazy. I've realized, though, that these rules are so limiting. Styling leaves so much room for creativity and experimentation, so you shouldn't limit yourself by listening to every rule you hear. Here are a few rules that it might be in your interest to ignore. 

1.Choose a color scheme
I know a lot of you have figured this one out by now, but it is usually so much more chic to clash your colors. Mixing prints is also an adventurous tactic, but tends to have a cool, unexpected result. Out of all the color blocking I've seen, my favorite combinations are mint and royal blue, and reds with purples. 

2. Stick to the status quo
For once in our lives, High School Musical doesn't have all of the answers. I love that different people have individual styles that they tend to stick with, and I do this too. There are certain looks that I love and attempt to emulate and ones I don't like as well. But if there is more than one style that you like, PLEASE WORK IT. People tell me all the time "I really like your outfit Madelyn. It's so not you, but I like it." I take this as a huge compliment because it means that I stepped out of my comfort zone and achieved the look I was going for. Moral of the story: feel free to change it up every now and then.

3. Chill with the glitter
Never, ever chill with the glitter, especially if you're as obsessed with it as I am. That's all.

4. Don't overdo the accessories
Coco Chanel gave us the advice to remove one accessory before we leave the house which, yes, is a good idea if you're prone to getting carried away and you want to look classy and tasteful. On the other hand, an outfit without embellishment can be boring and lifeless. In this case, you may want to consider adding one accessory before you head out the door. 

5. "That's only for the runway"
So many times I have looked at a makeup looks and outfits and thought "I love that, but it belongs on the runway, not everyday life." There are endless options for ways to incorporate your favorite high fashion trends into your everyday style, just don't be afraid to experiment with it. 

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