Friday, April 17, 2015


Hello darlings! Congrats on making it to the end of yet another long week. Let's just focus on the fact that in 60 days school will be OUT, for me at least :) Power through guys, only a couple of months left.

Now for today's look. I'm so excited about this outfit. Has anyone else noticed the weird cactus trend that's been happening lately? I feel like I'm seeing cacti being used more and more in home and bedroom decor. To be honest with you, I am getting pretty into this whole deal. Who would've thought that a baby cactus plant would be the cutest little decoration for your bedside table? As it turns out, the whole succulent thing could work in the fashion world as well. The tee I'm wearing today belongs to my good friend Jordan, and she found it online a while back. I swear I wear it more than she does, and yes, both of us have been teased about the shirt. As random as this top may seem (labeled pictures of cacti species, what the heck?), I'm kind of obsessed and find it to be really cute and unique. Two of my major fashion beliefs are a) if you like it, wear it! and b) fashion is all about taking risks. I admire people who put themselves out there and risk getting a few unwanted stares because they have the confidence and personal sense of style to rock an outfit that they like, even if it isn't the standard. In my opinion, those are the kind of people that have real influence in the fashion world. That's another reason I'm into this top; I don't see every other girl at school wearing it. Trends get old. These ankle boots also belong to Jordan (perks of having friends with good style), and I love everything about them, especially the chunky heel. They add a nice contrast from the tee. The red lip is always a favorite that hasn't failed me yet, and adds a chic, classic touch.

Top  :  Smithson Clothing
Jeans  :  Plato's Closet
Shoes  :  BP

Huge thanks to my pal Tara for being my photographer, I couldn't do this without you. 

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