Saturday, April 4, 2015


Spring is by far my least favorite season. School gets harder, the weather is indecisive, and there is a depressing lack of fun holidays. Despite all of the blah things about this particular season, it does have a couple of redemptive qualities: flowers and pink. Let's be honest, pink is always a good color, but it is undeniably best when worn in Spring, whether it be in your clothes or on your face. Today I will feature a makeup look I've been wearing more and more this season that has a prominent color theme of, you guessed it: pink. I used a combination of my favorite products along with some I've been ignoring for awhile, mostly drugstore products.

Revlon eye shadow in Melon: Revlon's eye shadow is very sheer, and it usually takes plenty of product on your makeup brush to create a satisfyingly pigmented color. However, I love love love this particular shade and am always very pleased with how it turns out, as long as I get enough onto the brush.

L'Oreal BB cream: It's just BB cream, pretty self explanatory. Not a lot of coverage, but its really nice for evening out your skin tone.
Maybelline  Master Precise liquid eyeliner: I like this product because it has a thin, precise tip and goes on so smoothly. The only problem is that the liner doesn't flow out the very tip as will as it does the thicker part of the applicator.

NARS lipstick in Janet: This lipstick is amazing, and the shade is even better. It stays fresh all day, I mean the whole day. It's a matte product, but I added a little bit of gloss over it for this look. Besides its staying power, it has really cool magnetic packaging; always a bonus.

Great Lash mascara by Maybelline: I use this mascara if I want my lashes to be as long as possible, and the brush is pretty small which is nice for coating individual lashes. Flaws: its difficult to remove and gets clumpy after the second coat.

Naked Flushed cheek palette by Urban Decay: I purchased this product fairly recently and I love it. It consists of a pigmented bronzer, blush, and highlighter, all of which glide on like silk. I have it in Naked which looks really natural on fair skin. The highlighter has a lot of shimmer, which should be avoided for oily skin, but adds a nice glow to your face.

Prior to applying my makeup today, I used a homemade facial to hydrate my skin. It was so easy and felt really nice on my face, leaving it with a healthy glow. Try it out, here's the recipe I used:
1/2 avocado
1 egg white
2 tsp olive oil
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
Mix together and apply all over your face, wash off after 15 minutes

Special thanks to my sister Emma, my dad, and my best friend Nicole for being my picture people. You guys are the best.

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